The Evercade Retro Handheld System Gets A New Color And A Pre-Order Date!

The Evercade handheld is one of the more fascinating retro devices to soon be released. Built specifically to play a library of 8 and 16-bit titles as well as newly made indie titles fitting into that same style. And while all that is cool in its own right, it is that the Evercade will use cartridges as its storage media that has me most interested!. That’s right cartridges, all games come on cartridges with no downloads or streaming to be found! Each cartridge will feature a number of games ranging from 6-20. So far over 100 different retro titles have been announced for system including many classics from Atari, Namco, Interplay, Piko Interactive and Data East. Even indie games publisher Mega Cat Studios has announced support for the system.

We have seen the flood of “mini” consoles into the market and whilst we love these products, they have a short shelf life. They’re great fun and offer excellent content, but they are not expandable. Our cartridge based system enables you to purchase one piece of hardware and then add new content for a low additional cost. It’s a great value, future proof investment
— Andrew Byatt, Product Development Director

The Evercade features a traditional control layout with 4 face buttons, D-Pad and 2 shoulder buttons. There is also a Start and Select button. A Menu button is provided to allow gamers to use save state functionality so they can save and load anywhere regardless of a classic games capabilities. Games will be played on the systems built in 4.3” screen or through HDMI to another display. The system will support HD upscaling for each title to really rock those pixels in 1080P. Players will also be able to select if they want to play in a native 4:3 aspect ratio or a stretched 16:9 one. Battery life for the Evercade is expected to last around 4 hours.

Evercade Black.jpeg

In a new announcement, the Evercade has finally received an official pre-order date of September 6! A new black version of the system has also been revealed as a Funstock exclusive. Systems will be available starting at $79.99 for the starter bundle with other bundles also being available. For additional game cartridges players can expect to pay $19.99 for any additional ones they plan to pick up. The Evercade looks like it has a strong foundation to build off of and I for one am curious to see where it goes and how it does when it finally releases!

What do you all think of the Evercade?