The INJUSTICE 2 Story Mode is Absolutely Stunning

Bucking the Trend

Let's just say that when I first picked up INJUSTICE 2, I wasn't banking on a solid single player experience let alone, a deep and stunning story. Let's face it, with the recent competition *cough* STREET FIGHTER*cough* completely screwing consumers over at launch, my hopes of an amazing single player fight fest were extremely low.


Don't get me wrong, INJUSTICE was great but I had most of my fun getting a group of peeps together and tournament style, bashing each other to kingdom come. Well, looks like we get the best of of both worlds with INJUSTICE 2.


While the game isn't perfect, (Here's looking at you weird playdough faces!) it's story is solid and even more brilliant than I ever expected. Gameplay is fast, furious, fun and the fighting system is as smooth as ever. Dark characters are DARK and the graphics, effects, and environments are gorgeous. Best of all? The absolutely seamless transition between beautiful cutscenes and solid combat. While only a few hours into the experience, so far, color me uber impressed.

Injustice 2 is off to a kiler start, despite an absolutely laughable (and disturbing) $100 price tag for the Ultimate Edition, I still can't wait to dive in further to a whole plethora of content and goodies that fill the games' extremely polished menus. Watch for more footage in the coming days and stay tuned for our full review. For now, feast (and click) on the images here for higher resolution versions.  BOO YEAH!