THE LAST OF US PART II Gets A New Gameplay Trailer At E3

Sony did not disappoint during their press conference at E3 2018. Aside from the reveal of the gameplay trailer for Kojima’s Death Stranding, Sony also released an 11-minute extended gameplay preview of Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated title, The Last of Us Part II. 

The trailer begins with what seems to be a more peaceful time in the series. It is unclear on where this scene falls on the game’s timeline, but it showed Ellie dancing with her friends and a female romantic interest. The preview jumped a few years after where Ellie is shown to be hardened by the outbreak and becoming a fierce survivor. The preview also revealed the game’s stealth mechanics that was an essential element of the first game, together with more brutal melee combat. The trailer jumps back to the Ellie and her love interest kissing, which shows the contrast between a more peaceful time and the reality of the world ravaged by the Cordyceps brain infection. 

The Last of Us Part II is one of the most awaited, big-budget games to come to the PlayStation 4 this year. The game made headlines last year after Naughty Dog released a brutally violent trailer that received backlash from the gaming community. So far, we know that Ellie is still immune to the infection. On the other hand, it was also shown in trailers before that Joel will still be part of the sequel. Although the extent of his involvement is still a mystery up to today. 

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