Watch The First Gameplay Trailer Of GHOST OF TSUSHIMA That Was Unveiled On E3

During yesterday’s Sony PlayStation Conference at E3, the studio released the first ever gameplay footage of Ghost Of Tsushima. Similar to the unveiling of The Last of Us Part 2’s gameplay trailer, a live musical performance opened before the game’s preview. 

The gameplay trailer of Ghost of Tsushima focused on the Mongol Invasion of the Japanese island of Tsushima. A samurai is seen roaming around the area taking down enemies from the invasion. In the game, players will be using traditional combat moves and weapons of the era. Ghost of Tsushima also focuses on timed counter attacks, which depicted gory battle scenes. Furthermore, the trailer showed the player’s companion sneaking into a temple and carefully applying stealth skills to eliminate enemies suggesting that players will need to balance stealth and action depending on the situation that they are in. 

Initially announced last October, Ghost of Tsushima is an open-world title from developer Sucker Punch that will feature a combination of action and stealth in a historically atmospheric version of Japan during the Mongol invasion. 

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