Update: The PlayStation Classic's Price Has Already Been Dropped


Update 12/27: The PlayStation Classic has seen yet another price drop hitting a new low price of $59.99 over on Amazon. The PlayStation Classic has continued to under-perform leading most to consider the system a flop. This new discounted price puts the botched mini console at the same price point as the soon to be discontinued NES Classic. For anyone who is looking to pick up a PlayStation Classic this new price is a good opportunity to do so! Oh, as I mentioned in the original article below about the hombrew scene replacing Sony’s botched version of PCSX-ReARMed it has finally happened! If you do decide to take the plunge on the PlayStation Classic rest easy in the fact that it can finally be turned into the machine it should have been in the first place…

Just two weeks after it's launch, the PlayStation Classic has seen a significant price drop over on Amazon. Heading over to the online retailer will show the price of Sony's less than spectacular micro console now resides at $74.99. while the hardware that powered the PlayStation Classic was very capable, bad emulation has mamed any sense of nostalgia one might get from the machine. If you are interested in picking up the PlayStation Classic for it's aesthetic prowess now may be the best time. You could also potentially pick up the PlayStation Classic now for this awesome discount and hope the hombrew community soon discovers a way to replace Sony's terrible built in emulator.

Have you already picked up a PlayStation Classic? If not does this discount sway you into getting one? Let us know below!