THE SIMS 4 Moschino Stuff: Fashionably Stunted

09-01-19_12-17-00 PM.png

The Sims 4 Has added yet another stuff pack and this time it dives into the fashion world… or at least kind of. The pack is a collaboration with Moschino and with that comes clothing that for some people will be great and others, it will be something that is never used. The CAS clothing items are in some cases could be called almost garish and don’t really have a place in the everyday game. With perhaps a high-end socialite sim or fashion-forward actor/actress, then these items should be right at home.

The Build mode items are in my opinion the real shining feature in this pack. The items may not blend with all the items that are in the sims, but for certain themes that your builds take, these will fit right in. The models are built very well and the new windows will look brilliant even though the “open” warehouse window really doesn’t make sense if you have Seasons enabled.


You can also make a really snazzy photography studio or mix the photography studio and a storefront to really boost the fashion gameplay. This is of course where the Photography career and I start to split paths. As an aspiring photographer, I was very excited to know that my sim could get behind the lens and start freezing small parts of the world in fun artistic ways. But… the photography freelance career is all based on fashion and while still very cool, just a little underwhelming. 

With all that said, is this pack for you? Well, this is a hard one this time. For the completionist that has to have all the packs like me, knock yourself out. For those who are a little more frugal with their purchases, I would look at why you want to buy it. The build mode items are worth it in my opinion, and the career is going to add another fun way to play your sim. The clothing items for me are where it is a little lackluster. So with that in mind, if you can wait for the build mode items and the career, I would wait for a sale before picking up this pack.

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