The Truth About The GOD OF WAR Netflix Special

It appears that a rumor has begun to plague the internet, raising hype with a big cup of disappointment to chase it down with. The poster feature Jason Momoa as Kratos, which he recently publicly announced interest in playing that role, set to release on Netflix coming July 15. This is nothing but a photo shopped image with the intention to prey on those still hyped up from the amazingly well reviewed title God of War which released in April.

If you haven't already searched Netflix to see a placeholder and information in regards to the supposedly upcoming show release, then know now that you will actually find a movie called God of War. This is not a movie featuring Kratos or any mythology within the game series though. Instead, you will be treated to a Chinese film originally titled Dang Kou Feng Yun, which is a story set during the Ming Dynasty covering both war and piracy, starring Wenzhou Zhao, Regina Wan, and Sammo Kam-Bo Hung.

The large belief in a God of War series featuring Momoa is understandable to a point. He is the most fitting actor to play the role by both looks and axe throwing skill, but the main thing people aren't taking on to account is how long it would take to create the series itself. It surely would be more than a few months, which would be the amount of time since Momoa announced his interest in the role.

At best, this series could very well be true and their announcement is in regards to a July 15, 2019 release date, but as of right now there is no official announcement of this series launching on any platform, let alone a Netflix original. I would love to see a series made for God of War and am one of the many who originally believed the announcement to be true. As heart breaking as the truth is, will you be about to recover from knowing that this series might never exist?