THE WITCHER 3 — An Interview with Composer Mikolai Stroinski

With the unique, authentic Slavic sounds of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, between songs for folks gathering around, to music suited for brutal sword fights or exploring the vast landscape in the world of The Northern Kingdoms, Mikolai Stroinski delivers an extraordinary soundtrack that takes you through an exciting and imaginative journey from beginning to finish. We also cover how co-composer Marcin Przybylowicz and Percival made a huge impact on the way the score was created.

While Stroinski was busy on this project, he had another acclaimed open world game to score at the same time: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. In a contrast to The Witcher 3, Ethan Carter had much emphasis on the supernatural and a tone of mystery within the story. Mikolai talks about how very minimal sound manipulation was used to create these unique and haunting tones with orchestral instruments. 

As a composer who migrated to the U.S. from Poland 15 years ago and has made a huge name for himself in the world of games and films music, we’re honored to have him on GameTyrant Audio to speak for a bit on how he makes it all happen.

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