THE WORKS OF MERCY Finally Launches After Short Delay

It was back in late May of this year when we were originally expecting the launch of psychological horror game The Works of Mercy by Pentacle, but there was a delay that pushed the game back. The wait is finally over as this choice-based title has officially launched on Steam! Just in time for Halloween, horror fans can be put in some tough situations and will be forced face some decisions that will change everything dramatically.

The Works of Mercy was first in sight when I landed an interview with the developer over a year ago, and has been a game worth waiting for; at least based on the intriguing details and trailers presented.

Waking up to receive a call that you would never want to receive, hearing a stranger inform you that your loved ones life is in their hands and threatens to remove them from your world if you don’t do as your told, the scenario is instantly set to throw you into an intense situation. Understanding how this stranger was able to set this up isn’t a question you will have time to answer while you try to make the hard choices and decide just how far you will go to keep them alive.

What lengths are you willing to go to ensure the safety of someone you love?