The Xbox's E3 Conference Takes The Title Of The Most Watched Twitch Stream Of All Time

Microsoft's President of Gaming Phil Spencer at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing

Microsoft's President of Gaming Phil Spencer at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing

The recently concluded E3 2018 announced a multitude of game announcements and the revelation of release dates from previously reported titles. It’s hard to pick a favorite E3 presentation as all developers each had their own exciting games on the way soon. However, it seems that Microsoft has taken the spot of the most most-watched live stream in the history of Twitch. 

GitHyp’s analysts reported that Microsoft’s E3 2018 presentation took the top spot as the most viewed live stream watched on Twitch. This is not the first time Microsoft achieved this milestone as they were also recognized as the most-watch E3 live stream last year. However, for this year, Microsoft’s stream was also the most viewed on the streaming platform with an impressive 1.7 million. 

“Now, for the second year in a row, Microsoft’s live stream was the highest viewed stream on Twitch,” as reported by GitHyp. “But Microsoft’s Xbox E3 Briefing wasn’t just the most watched live event of this year’s convention…it was also the highest concurrent viewer count of any stream ever on Twitch, pulling in an impressive 1.7 million viewers at its peak.”

Here is the list containing views per presentation of the following developers and publishers at E3 2018:

  • Microsoft/Xbox - 1.7 million viewers (1.1 million in 2017)
  • Ubisoft - 1.6 million viewers (986k in 2017)
  • Sony/PlayStation - 1.5 million viewers (926k in 2017)
  • Bethesda - 964k viewers (233k in 2017)
  • PC Gaming Show - 893k viewers (552k in 2017)
  • Nintendo/Switch - 679k viewers (292k in 2017)
  • EA (Electronic Arts) - 528k viewers (676k in 2017)

It is worth noting that every single one of the developers and publishers listed above saw an increase in viewership versus last year except for EA. Microsoft’s conference included a plethora of first and third party announcements such as Cyberpunk 2077Just Cause 4, Devil May Cry V, Fallout76 and many others. 

What was your favorite E3 conference? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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