These Dope MEGA MAN Headphones Should’ve Been Made A Long Time Ago

With all the sweet variety of gaming merchandise that’s been marketed over the years, why am I just now seeing someone make these? It’s a brilliant idea! It’s accurate to the look of Mega Man, and it’s been in front of our faces the whole time. Emio’s officially licensed Mega Man Headphones can be yours for a cold $99.99 USD, taxes and shipping included in the price.
If you happen to be outside of the U.S. like me, you’re out of luck unless you have someone neat enough to handle the shipping part for you. 

From a business standpoint: we all know that everyone can appreciate a bit of style when slapping a pair of cans on their ears (look at the kind of money Beats by Dr. Dre has pulled in according to Forbes.) It doesn’t necessarily matter if the sound quality matches the price or not, people like looking stylish, or what they perceive to be so. Dre's $620 Million doesn’t lie. 

From a standpoint of being awesome: they’re Mega Man headphones, and that's awesome!

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