These MINECRAFT Sculptures Are Simply Incredible


I remember when I used to make time for Minecraft. Hours and hours of chopping, mining and farming in Survival mode just to build a decent house to live in. Creative mode was never really one of my favorites until I decided to try and build the Silent Hill suburbs, which became fun. PS Vita in one hand, running around in Silent Hill 1, PS4 control in other hand slapping blocks down that seemed appropriate.

Of course, I digress. My puny attempts at building are nothing compared to what is out there. Enter the Perfect Marionette. This was created by Dr Bond and entered the Apex Events 2017 Invitational, which it won due to its artistic craftsmanship. Here are some images from the project:

As with all good competitions, there were runner ups. AWAKENING - Null Bomb and A Dream of Future received second and third place, which you can see here below.


Well done to these guys for putting so much passion, energy and time into these projects. You deserve a huge round of applause for your creativity. I hope to see more work being produced by you in time to come.

What did the rest of you think? Do any of you have some fine Minecraft artwork to share with us? Let me know.







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