This Is The Story Of How Reddit Reunited A Lost Switch To Its Owner


Last week, just a few days after Christmas, a Reddit user by the name of Itchybun, posted on the Nintendo Switch subreddit that he found a lost Switch, and was in the process of contacting Nintendo on what steps he should take in order to reunite the lost console to its owner. 

After an hour has passed, another Reddit user by the name of Pizzaboxmonster, posted on the same subreddit that he lost his Nintendo Switch on a bus at the Frankfurt International Airport in Germany.  As luck would have it, the two users were talking about the same console.

Pizzaboxmonster, the person who lost the Switch, was hoping to reach the driver of the bus, as evident on his post titled: “I lost my Switch at Frankfurt International Airport (Germany)! Please if you’re the driver of the bus, I’ll be eternally grateful and bring you chocolates.” 

However, the Reddit user was not expecting anything to come out of his plea, and even acknowledged that the possibility of finding his lost console on a busy airport is slim to none. “I’ve seen several posts about people losing their Switch so I thought I’d give it a try,” the user wrote. “I know this has 0.000001% possibility to work, but here I go.”

Well it turned out that Pizzaboxmonster was one of the lucky ones as several Reddit users commented on his post and directed him to Itchybun, and that is when the two started talking. Itchybun, made the right decision by not handing the lost console to the airport’s lost and found section, as it may have never reached the owner and opted to contact Nintendo instead, and posted an announcement on Reddit. 

Several users on the website were a bit skeptical though due to the timing of Pizzaboxmonster’s post, as it was posted an hour after Itchybun’s. However, Itchybun confirmed that Pizzaboxmonster was able to answer all the questions he asked regarding the console, including the last game played and the game cartridge inserted in the Switch among other details, proving the ownership of Pizzaboxmonster. In an update, Pizzaboxmonster wrote:

“I’ve been in contact with Itchybun and as amazing as it can be, it seems I’ve found my Switch,” Pizzamonster wrote in an update. “I want to thank all of you for your comments. I can’t believe this is happening and… I’m still quite shocked, but sometimes good things can happen :)”
“Today I love this community even more and especially that great user and person who decided that finding the owner would be more fun than just keeping it,”

In the end, even Itchybun was amazed on how things worked out for the good. He wrote that, “It’s surreal to see Reddit magic at work, and be part of it for once. Really grateful for all the positivity.” 

As someone who travels frequently, I know well from experience the horror when you try to reach for your device in your bag, and it’s not there. Thankfully, this story ended in a positive note, and is a good reminder of some people's willingness to help strangers. It’s definitely nice to hear a heartwarming story that highlighted the positive side and the awesome sense of camaraderie within the Reddit community.

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