This Time You're The Monster In CARRION

John Carpenter's The Thing is a horrifying monster, but it's not as scary if you're able to control it. At least, that's sort of the premise in Carrion, an upcoming Metroidvania action-adventure game where the player is a fast-moving, terrifying tentacle beast, that is heavily inspired by the classic sci-fi horror movie. If you're unsure what that would look like, a member of Phobia Game Studio was on hand at Gamescom to discuss the concept and some of the ideas behind the game.

The idea is inventive, and we're excited to see how the full release expands on what was shown in the preview. The fluid movement of the monster makes exploration seem enjoyable and clever rather than repetitive and dull. And so little was explained about the world that created the creature and what the intent is for the narrative. The lack of information now and the hope of answers later is intriguing. The game is currently slated for a 2020 release date. If we're lucky, Carrion will live up to both the movie that it draws from and the legacy of the games it emulates.