Top 5 Reasons to Dive Back into DIABLO III

Yeah, so, I'm not gonna try to hide that I have had a major love/hate relationship with Diablo III. What was my most anticipated game of my adult life, I felt was quite a clusterf**k at launch. I kept playing over and over, day after day and many late nights, hoping that it would somehow get better. The story was meh, the graphics are ok but most disappointing? The loot system. Well, that was then, this is now. Is the game perfect? Nope. But it's a whole lot more fun to play than a few years back. Season 5 and a new patch are here on the PC version. Let's delve into why now is the best time to dive back in.

5. Loot! Loot! And M0ar loot!

That's right you greedy, scum-sucking heathens! Why would you want any good loot?! Or at least that is how I felt when the game launched. Now, piles of loot have been unleashed upon us. Check out The Vault in that there screenshot and let me know if you can find it in game. Seriously, what started out as a horrid loot system is now a blast with better drop rates, cool Legendary and Set items and not to mention, actual craftable items that are useful.

4. The Witch Doctor

They see me rollin', hatin. Look at that entourage of pets daddy has. I've got rings, armor and other perks to get up to 25 followers at once. To see all my pets tear baddies to pieces make me pee in my pants a little. Just a little. Ok, a lot. The Witch Doctor was quite fun to play at launch but now, with all the legendary affixes and pet possibilities, it's an absolutely riot. Want to puke an Acid Cloud all over your enemies whilst your 20 knife-wielding Fetishes carve them to pieces? How about Grasp of the Dead and BOGADILE from below whilst Corpse Spidering the f**k out of them?! Endless fun to be had here and overall, the class just feels way more polished after multiple patches.

3. Adventure Mode + Rifts = Win

I like having a variety of ways to obtain precious loot. With Adventure Mode, Rifts and especially Greater Rifts, it's always a blast. The fact that you are guaranteed to get some fantastic loot and a Legendary Gem at the end of those Greater Rifts always keeps you coming back for M0ar! I had to stop playing Rifts last weekend. My click finger almost gave out on me.

2. Greyhallow Island & Other New Content

It's refreshing to know that even though Blizzard has no reason to keep adding free content, they still do and it's good free content. Greyhallow is spooky, gorgeous, and a great new addition. Bring on the free stuffs!

1. It Feels Good to Finally Progress and Punish Bosses

One of my biggest complaints of vanilla Diablo III was spending days farming for loot and coming up with little to nothing. No progress. No killer DPS increase. Nada. Now, you can bust out a Seasonal character and pound your way to level 70 quite fast. Being able to extract Legendary attributes and watching 20+ pets tear through Belial in seconds on Torment V? Now that's just sheer bliss.

What about you peeps? Are you jumping back in or have you given up on the game completely?