U-DIMENSIONS: Planet Friendly 3D Printed Collectibles

Collectibles for our favorite fandom's and games is always limited to the most popular games, leaving out the possibility for indie game fans to get their own personal favorites as a figurine or phone case. There is a company with the indie fan base in mind and is offering you the chance to get almost any character for your personal collection.

U-Dimensions is a video game marketing and merchandising group that specializes in 3D printing personalized collectibles based on fan favorite video game characters. Fans can customize the game characters by changing their color, size and even build their own 3D printed game merchandise. There will be a customization store where users can upload 3D or 2D designs, which will be automatically transformed into printable files. Their goal is to accelerate the 3D printing industry and offer 3D printed green products for the gaming industry. This group also aims to aid indie developers by allowing the game companies to receive an add on commission for each item sold online.

Interview with Christina Guo

Q: You mentioned your products are Green. Do you mean you produce recyclable 3D printed collectibles?
A: "Yes, right now we use Project 660, which uses material powder to manufacture. And powder of course can be reused, so it is environmentally friendly. Also, we are in the process of investigating 3D printing full color paper materials, it will be even more environmentally friendly."

Q: You will be able to do any character, as long as you have the rights to it, in any color for any game? Even unpopular ones?
A: "Yes, we especially focus on indie game developers and studios. We want to help small and unpopular games to make some extra cash while they develop the game."

Q: What will be your options and prices for purchases?
A: "The price will vary depends on the size, material and also the game character. For example, a 3cm charm in full color sandstone will be $15, and a ring will be $20, a phone holder will be $100. Shipping will not be included."

Q: Sandstone is an interesting material choice. How does that work?
A: "It is called Full Color Sandstone, made up with 90% of plaster. it has a graining feel, but once we apply coating, it will be shining and smooth."

Q: You mentioned a few product options. What are all the options you will offer?
A: "It can be for everyday merchandise such as cups, phone case,  lampshade, USB. Pretty much anything under the size of 10 inches that made by mold originally. Our design team will start working on the models in January, so a list of products will be coming soon."

Q: What are all materials your company offers for the prints to be made with?
A: "Our focus is on full color sandstone, full color plastic and full color paper, we can also do single color as well. Advance material will be metal, chocolate and rubber."

Q: How is it you keep your products green?
A: "While the whole thing is made up with 90% of plaster and the rest is just YMCK color. When produce a product, lets say we use 100g of powder and 50g was used to produce the model, then the rest of 50g is just supporting material. We can reuse the supporting material again for the second round of production. As for the model, there is a way you can deconstruct into powder again."

Q: How many game developers do you have rights to create characters of on launch?
A: "We do have around 140 indie game developers signed up to try the platform once we launch. Some of the game companies to mention are Creoterra, Cellardoor games, XMG Studio, Frolic Labs, Clevendeav, Tiny Tian studios, Vagabond dog,"

Q: And when do you plan to launch?
A: "We plan to launch in March and will do a crowd funding campaign in February."

Here's Their Video Ad:

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