Underdog Fights Through Loser's Bracket to Take the EVO STREET FIGHTER V Championship

Who doesn't love the underdog? Well, here is a story worthy of that title. During a recent battle at the Evo Street Fighter V Championships, Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi was knocked out into the loser's bracket when Victor “Punk” Woodley fought his way into the top eight finals. Punk (may we call you punk?), was on a massive winning streak, relentlessly slaughtering his opponents as he battled to the top.

Tokido refused to accept his loser status though. He fought his way to the top of the loser's bracket, earning a rematch against Punk. And if Punk thought he would win again (F&F: Tokio Drift flashback: "I've already beaten this piece of sh&t!!!"), he was sorely mistaken.

Here, at the end of the Championship finals, is the deciding battle of Punk vs Tokido:

I'm sure Punk is busy licking his wounds as we speak. Congratulations to Tokido on rising up from the ashes and taking the crown!


Source: Kotaku; EA Twitch



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