VR Goes Too Far With Waifu VR Weddings

It is incredible the things that we can do with virtual reality. From gaming to helping the business industry to architect and so much more! But, now I have to say that VR has been taken too far and is officially being abused for its true purpose!

Ruptly TV has posted a video of somebody getting married to their anime waifu through VR! They even have a picture sessions on top of the actual wedding ceremony! Just look at this:

After seeing this for the first time, I couldn't help but sit back and think "What... The Actual... F***" Yes, I am bringing curse words in to an article for the first time, because I am just blown away that this is a real thing people can do, and already have done!

This is not the reason technology has gotten as far as it has and I think this is a sick abuse of the latest technology! I am all for people marrying ANYBODY they want, but they need to at least have the "body" part of the word! This is taking a personal love and extending it to a false reality, in which somebody can find themselves losing touch with actual reality through.

I can't be the only one that things this is beyond ridiculous. What are your thoughts?