Walmart Releasing NES Classic Editions In Limited Quantities Until Friday

If you're trying to get an NES Classic Edition now for it's suggested price, Walmart is about your only option right now. The retail giant announced via Facebook that they would be offering limited qualities of the hot item via their website until Friday. If you're trying to be one of the people to snag it, you better have your mouse hovering over the "buy" option right at 2pm PST/5pm EST.

Make sure if you're trying to go this route you have the website (click here) handy for when the time comes! No word on how many consoles are being sold per day, but I can confirm that despite the price listed on the Walmart website (currently $399.99) they are selling for their usual $59.99 price. 

I always went the route of traveling to small towns and picking up hot holiday items from the Walmart there, does that not work anymore?