Watch: 7 Minutes Of The Amazing SONIC MANIA

It's been a long time since I've used the word amazing alongside a Sonic title, but here we are. Sonic Mania looks a lot like the old Sonic you know and love, but it's coming to all of your current gen platforms (minus Wii U). In the 7 minutes of gameplay featured below, you'll get a look at the familiar and slightly tweaked Green Hill Zone and a new level Studiopolis. 

I can't say much about Green Hill Zone as it looks nearly identical to the one I played in the past Sonic games, but man I love the look of Studiopolis! To see a completely made from scratch level embody the style of 90's Sonic so well gives me high hopes for this title! I especially like the music of Studiopolis, what about you?

Sonic Mania releases in 2017.