Will The NS Glasses Bring A True VR Experience To The Switch?

Virtual Reality headsets have been out for quite some time now but are more catered to players on the PC and PlayStation 4. Of course, the very idea of the Switch having its own VR headset is exciting at best and the NS Glasses hopes to capitalize on bringing this idea into reality.

The NS Glasses is being developed by a Canadian company called exklim and describes their product as the “world’s first [VR] headset for Switch.” Unfortunately, just as Nintendo Life pointed out, this description is only partly true because even if its design appears similar to a VR headset, the technology behind it is not.

The accessory features a locking contraption to keep the Nintendo Switch secured in its place, and even has vents to prevent the console from overheating. It is described to have a “comfortable” face pad and adjustable headband and will be compatible with every single Switch game in existence.

The only problem here is that the Switch itself was never designed to be VR capable, which is problematic for players hoping for a true VR experience on the console. To compensate, the NS Glasses uses a “color switching technology” to extract specific color shades, and provide the impression of 3D visuals inside the headset. If the 3D technology works as the manufacturer claims it to be, then it’s probably more similar to the 3DS 3D effect rather than a genuine VR experience. Nonetheless, it’s still a cool concept, which may or may not take off.

Players who are interested in getting the NS Glasses can pre-order it early and receive a 50% discount ($50 USD). What do you think of the NS Glasses? Do you think it has potential? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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