Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Gets Another Leak

Image Credit: Windows Central

Image Credit: Windows Central

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is still just a rumor at this point but that doesn’t stop new leaks from emerging. Earlier this month we heard rumors about the possible name of the console being the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and that it would begin pre-orders this April with a launch sometime this coming May. The price of the console is also expected to be under the $200 mark to make it an enticing entry point for anyone wanting to get into console gaming.

A new leak today, as reported by Windows Central, has reconfirmed these previous claims and has even detailed more specifics about the console. First up the release date of the console will supposedly be May 7 with the aforementioned pre-orders beginning in April. The console will ship with a 1 TB HDD and come bundled with three games. The games said to be included with the bundle are Minecraft, Sea of Thieves and Forza Horizon 3. there is no mention of a bundle of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition that will come with Xbox Game Pass which would also allow users to access all of these games by the time the console launches.

As with all rumors take this with a grain of salt until official confirmation is given. An all digital console really seems the next logical step as gaming continues its march towards pure digital distribution. I am also curious to see how well the console will really do in the tail-end of this console generation where so many eyes are looking towards Xbox Scarlet and what the future of streaming might bring.

What do you think of an all digital console? Do you think streaming will become a bigger part of gaming moving forward? Share your thoughts below!