YAKUZA 6 Was Accidentally Released For Free

Earlier today, Yakuza 6’s demo was made available on the PlayStation Store. The demo had a file size of 30GB, since it contained the entire game, with only the first few stages playable. The reason for this is that when the player decides to purchase the game on its release, they can just unlock the full game using a code that will save you the hassle of deleting the demo and downloading the full game. 

However, for some lucky players, they discovered that their version of the demo allowed them to go through the parts of the game that were restricted. So basically, they were able to play the full game, earn some trophies along the way, for free. 

The game’s developer, Sega, was quick to notice and took action almost immediately. They were able to pull out the demo from the North American Store, however the European and Australian versions were not recalled as they are the correct versions of the game. In a tweet released by Sega, they apologized for the removal of the demo, but promised that they will bring it back as soon as they figure out the correct demo to upload on the store. 

As of now, Sega still hasn’t re-uploaded the demo for North American players, but they are asking fans to be a little more patient. Yakuza 6 is already available in Japan since December of last year, but a worldwide release of the game will be on April 17, 2018 for the PlayStation 4. 

Were you able to access the full version of the game before it was pulled out? What do you think of the game so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.