YOGSCAST Celebrates Over $5 Million Raised For Charity


Yogscast who are the UK’s biggest group of YouTube entertainers raised over $5 Million (£3.8 Million) during their annual ‘Jingle Jam’ live streaming marathon last month.

The team based out of Bristol,UK streamed for more than 700 hours for the month of December, which reached 2.5 million people and received 148,853 donations.

For those that are curious the ‘Jingle Jam’ is a really interesting event. The founders of the Yogscast Lewis Brindley and Simon lane wanted their follower to donate to charity instead of sending them gifts during the holiday season. The team has since raised over $11 million in the six year that the event has taken place.

The Yogscast team was also supported by over 50 game developers and publishers who added more than 60 games to a humble bundle that people were able to purchase for themselves and then the money went to charity.  The charities they selected for the bundle included Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal, Special Effect, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the Mental Health Foundation, Save the Children, Cancer Research and the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Intersex Association. Humble bundle also added the option for the buyer to donate to a charity of their own choice.

“It’s utterly mind-blowing and so much more than we had anticipated, but we couldn’t do it without the support of the developers and publishers who donate their games to the Bundle every year.” -Yogscast CEO Mark Turpin.
“Humble Bundle could not be more excited by the $11m we’ve raised for charity by teaming up with Yogscast across our annual December Jingle Jams, including the recent record-breaking promotion that brought in over $5m just last month! I don't wear hats, but I plan to start so I can tip my cap to the whole Yogscast team!"  - Humble Bundle COO John Graham

It's great to see influencers and developers coming together for a great cause during the holiday season. Can't wait to see if they break their record next year for the amount of money donated.