It wasn't long ago that we got an awesome Dragonball FighterZ character reveal trailer for Vegito, but it wasn't until now that Bandai Namco announced when he would be available. Coming out today, May 21st, is the DLC containing Vegito, and he's not alone!

The reveal of a character many have been waiting for, Zamasu, has been shared with the announcement of the latest DLC. They didn't make a trailer specifically for him, but the one they made for the Vegito and Zamasu DLC is nothing short of a tribute to the fusion god character. Check it out:

I love how they had it seem like Zamasu interrupted a regular match to come kick Goku's ass and then showed some of the unique cutscenes that coordinate with his role in the anime. They keep bringing out all these fitting characters, while its kickass I'm still waiting for some silly choices like Roshi.

After seeing them both of the newest fighters attack styles, which fusion choice will it be that makes it on to one of your roster team presets? I'm looking forward to giving Vegito a shot myself, but Zamasu just might be replacing Android 21 for me.