Best of FanX Spring 2019: The Amazing Gaming and Geek Art of Courtney Hiersche

Classic.. Geek

Wandering the halls of the Salt Lake City Spring 2019 FanX convention can is an overload of geek art, music, crafts, gaming and culture that I have been relishing in since the very first show what seems like so many years ago. When you find something so refreshing, unique and a smile slowly appears on your face it’s worth talking about.

“Does this outfit make me look Fett?”

“Does this outfit make me look Fett?”

Scouring old garage sales, thrift stores and other sources, Courtney Hiersche discovers old paintings and converts them into a geek’s dream. Not only we were surprised by the quality of the art on display but just how fun, humble and cool Courtney and team truly are.

You can check out Courtney’s art and order prints from her store on Etsy right here. While some artists stunned us with high quality, glossy detailed drawings, Courtney won our Best of Show with the most fun and putting the most heart into here art. Thanks Courtney!