Ronda Rousey Punched A Dude In The Nuts To Promote The Xbox One X


Gaming companies have done some weird things to promote consoles in the past, but this has to be about the weirdest/worst way to do so that I've ever seen. Last night on Conan, the show enlisted the help of former UFC champion Ronda Rousey to show people the true power of 4K gaming. Apparently, the best way for that to happen was to have Rousey uppercut a dude right in the nuts...take a look:

So obviously this was a bit, but that initial hit to the balls looked like a genuine blow! If you slow this thing down you'll actually see some lift upon impact! I would assume the guy who signed up for this was wearing a cup, but even then that only offers so much protection. 

I can't really blame Rousey for such a shitty idea, but I gotta take aim at Microsoft because who enjoyed that? I don't imagine the usual Conan audience enjoys a scripted sack tap, but maybe the cringe factor of it all is what really sells it to the public. After all, I'm sitting here today and writing about it for you all, so they're getting coverage. 

Whether or not it's good coverage is a completely different story. Do you see the humor in this? How many people signed off on something so dumb?

Source: Kotaku