3v3 Cross-Play Title AFTERCHARGE Hosts Free Weekend After Announcing Launch Date

It has been a long journey for Chainsawesome Games as they have brought Aftercharge to its final product. After first being introduced to their neon-lite 3v3 PvP title back at The Mix from E3 2017, I have been excitedly waiting for this weekend to come!

Following the announcement that Aftercharge will be a cross-play title between PC and Xbox One, with Nintendo Switch planned to follow shortly after, set to launch on January 10, 2019, the team also announced that they will be hosting a free weekend! This free weekend is actually already started and will go on until December 16th, so if you want to give it a shot yourself then send in a code request to the developers. Until then, check out their epic launch trailer:

This free weekend has been called the “Ultimate Aftercharge Beta Weekend” and that title couldn’t be more accurate. There is nothing like a free weekend to really find out if the upcoming game is one you will want to get a copy of or not. From what I remember, this game was a ton of fun whether you chose to take the stealth-based team that needed to destroy the core or the offensive-based team set to defend the core at all costs. Now they have up to ten different class-based characters to choose from and tons more different strategies that can be used for each battle. Not to mention that the fact that it is going to be cross-play means that there will always be people ready for another round of this neon-lite high intensity 3v3 PvP assault!

What did you think of the launch trailer? Will you be trying this game out during the “Ultimate Aftercharge Beta Weekend?”