5 Handheld Games That Could Find Life On Nintendo NX

With the details of NX all but officially confirmed, I got to thinking about what mobile handheld games would be a welcome addition to the console platform. I'm sure more than a few of us would be throwing money at Nintendo if these exclusively handheld games made their way to the NX...


Description: If you were someone who loved Super Mario RPG you'll love this series. The art style is different, but the gameplay is practically the same. Players control Mario and Luigi as they battle their way through a game filled with tough battles and lots of humor and callbacks to past Mario games. There's even a Geno reference!

Golden Sun

Description: I'm just now starting to realize all of Nintendo's best RPG's are on their hand helds. The Golden Sun series has been a widely successful and celebrated title across two generations of Nintendo handhelds. At it's core it's a turn-based Final Fantasy clone, but it's use of special Djinn and monsters make this game one of the best of its genre.

Warioware Twisted

Description: I'm of the widely held opinion that the Warioware franchise is best experienced on the portable platform, and Warioware Twisted was the best the series had to offer. The gyroscope feature was far ahead of it's time, and it's still fun today! If I were a betting man, I would wager Nintendo is going to implement some of that technology into their new controllers.

Custom Robo

Description: Okay full disclosure Custom Robo started on Gamecube and moved to DS, but the Gamecube version was much better so that's the footage I showed. The point is this is a game that doesn't get a lot of attention and it was one of my favorites growing up. That's not to mention the game involves traveling around with a minature robot you control and battling others! It practically lends itself to a next gen platform! It's also super fun. Unfortunately, the studio that develops it wasn't doing so well last I checked.


Description: Nintendo has been in the business of making things we never thought possible a reality as of late, so why not give us a traditional Pokemon game on console? I always figured it wasn't done due to the fact that Pokemon requires a lot of hours in gameplay and that's a long time to ask a kid to sit in front of a television. Now that it's no longer an issue let's make it happen!

What's your pick? Go ahead and put it below...or you can just write about how I didn't put Metroid anywhere on here and this list is garbage.