A New DRAGON AGE Is In The Works, BioWare Confirmed


Bioware has already confirmed earlier that a new Dragon Age game is finally in development. Now, in a tweet posted by Bioware’s Casey Hudson, he said that based from feedback on Dragon Age, the upcoming title will be a “live” experience, and will also be story and character focused. 

Since the game is still in its early stages in development, Bioware is still piecing the game’s concept together, and not much information was shared besides that the series will be rebooted and will add “live elements,” though it is still too early to say on what form these changes will take. However, we can at least take comfort on the fact that Bioware is designing the game for “continued storytelling after the main story.”

The news about the upcoming game has been confirmed by Alexis Kennedy, a writer from Bioware last year. Although the developer didn’t release further details on the game, the conversation was reignited by executive producer Mark Durrah, who made it known via Twitter that Bioware is hard at work on both the Dragon Age and Anthem franchises. 

Although knowing the fact that BioWare is already working on a new Dragon Age game is somewhat comforting, although, there are still concerns on whether the franchise is heading in the right direction given the fact that the people who started Dragon Age, David Gaider and Mike Laidlaw, are no longer associated with Bioware. 

In the end, it is still too early to speculate on whether the game would be good or not as it is still in the planning stages. Besides, Bioware is more focused now on releasing their upcoming game Anthem, which has been delayed from fall of 2018, to early 2019. Let's just hope that the Dragon Age series won't suffer the same fate as the Mass Effect franchise.

What do you think of the “live elements” that Bioware will be introducing in the next installment in the Dragon Age franchise? Will Dragon Age retain everything fans loved in previous games now that Gaider and Laidlaw are no longer in the picture?