Bioware's ANTHEM To Be Delayed Until 2019

Bioware’s upcoming title, Anthem, which was previously announced during last year’s E3, has been delayed to a release in early 2019. As reported from Kotaku, a source reportedly said that the fall 2018 release that BioWare promised during E3, was “never realistic.”

The delay of the upcoming game also stems from increasing pressure in EA, following the poor performance of Mass Effect: Andromeda, that suffered from numerous bugs, and made the game looked unpolished and rushed. Furthermore, EA’s release of Star Wars Battlefront 2, received tremendous backlash from the gaming community due to the controversial loot box system that was placed within the game. 

Given that Bioware has nothing to do with the Star Wars Battlefront II, their association with EA is definitely putting a pressure on them to make Anthem a successful title, as this game can either redeem Bioware from the backlash it received from Andromeda, and by association, EA’s Battlefront 2, or on the other hand, can further tarnish their reputation. 

If Bioware is delaying the project to make it the best version possible prior to release, then it can never be anything but good. Remember when EA pressured Bioware to release Dragon Age 2 at such a short time? Yes, that didn’t work out well, as the game was rushed with several dungeons using the same exact maps that made it redundantly boring. Although the story was interesting, and the characters were well fleshed out, the short time frame in development led Bioware to reuse several maps just to meet deadlines given by EA. 

Anthem will be an open-world science fiction RPG that will bring characters in a post-apocalyptic setting, that promises an exciting adventure in an alien world. Hopefully, Bioware will be able to redeem itself with this game as the stakes are now higher, given the developer’s troubled past. 

Are you surprised by Bioware’s announcement to delay Anthem? What would you like to see in the upcoming game? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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