A WAY OUT Sells 1 Million Copies


A Way Out, the new game by Hazelight Studios is selling exceptionally well after being released for a couple of weeks. The prison break co-op game has passed 1 million units sold announced by the developer recently. Josef Fares, the creative director of the game was quick to respond with his usual enthusiastic response which began with “HOLY SHIT.”

Fares excitement pointed out the fact that A Way Out was able to reach 2 million players even if sales were only a million. The reason for this is the game’s unique co-op feature that requires you to play with another player. The standout concept in A Way Out is that only one person needs to have purchased the game, granting the other player a free copy. Before launch, Fares explained the concept of the game, which you can watch below. 

Hazelight Studios partnered with giant publisher Electronic Arts for A Way Out. However, Fares confirmed that Hazelight gets 100 percent of the revenue and EA does not get a single penny, which is a pretty generous move on EA's part. Currently, Fares revealed that the studio is already working on their next game. However, he cannot share any information about it since the project is still in its early stages of development. 

You can check out GameTyrant’s review of A Way Out where we highlighted the game’s immersive story, interesting characters and unique gameplay. 

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