Adi Shankar Says He'd Be Interested In A METROID Anime Series

Fresh off the heels of his Castlevania anime series and the news he would begin work on an Assassin's Creed series, Adi Shankar has his eyes on developing a Metroid series for Nintendo. A recent interview with Nintendo Life featured Shankar saying the following in regards to what he would personally like to work on at some point:

Dark Metroid in the same anime style 

The idea sounds interesting, and after watching Shankar's take on Castlevania I have no doubt he could make it way darker than we've seen it before, but we all know how protective Nintendo is of their properties. I would love to see it happen, but I don't think Nintendo is ready to have Samus Aran blowing apart aliens in quite the way Shankar would depict it on screen. What do you think of Shankar's interest in the project? Is it something you would like to see? 

Source: Nintendo Life