Check Out The First Trailer For AGE OF EMPIRES IV


Are you a fan of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games? Chances are you’ve played an Age of Empires game, and you loved it. I admittedly didn’t play any Age of Empires games until college, but I played with friends and it was a blast. Teaming up various civilizations throughout history to destroy others is just good fun.

Unfortunately, we don’t have too much information, but here’s what we know. It does look like it will be a Windows 10 exclusive, so Mac users will need to install that if they want to play. Also, Ensemble Studios is no more, so Relic Entertainment (the developers of many RTS franchises including the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War games) will be taking the helm in partner with Microsoft Studios. Of course, we here at GameTyrant will keep you updated as we get more information, so stay tuned.