Apparently, Indie Games Are Killing It On The Nintendo Switch


It sounds like the Nintendo Switch is the new place for Indie as several developers are coming forward and saying they've sold more copies of their game on the platform than all other platforms combined.

The trend first started last week when the makers of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap delivered the shocking news to the internet. Now, the makers of Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas and Death Squared are reporting the same thing with the latter reporting their Switch sales outperform all other platforms combined by about 200-500%. 

That's pretty substantial, and while some may be quick to say it's due to Nintendo's lack of a virtual console on the platform, you can't deny the appeal of portability. Personally, I've found many indie games I typically wouldn't give the time of day far more tolerable when I'm just looking to hop in for something quick while I sit on my couch with my Switch. While traveling, these games are a lifesaver when I don't have access to Splatoon 2's online server for some matches.

That's just my personal opinion though, do you think the indie success on Switch is a fluke, or is there a reason for it?

Source: Destructoid