EA Games published an interview this morning with the team developing the weapons in Star Wars Battlefront. In the interview they discuss the focus on accuracy to the source material while building out a well balanced and diverse arsenal. When asked to describe the types of weapons we will see in the final release of Battlefront, weapon designers Christian Johannesén and Tommy Rydling had this to say:

There are 11 primary blasters that can be divided into three core groups. First we have the standard blaster pistols, like the DH-17. These work well on short to medium range and is an intriguing choice for modes like Drop Zone. Then there are the close-to-medium range rifles such as the E-11 and A280C blaster rifles, which have high accuracy and a good damage rate.

Finally, we have the heavy blasters that have more spread than other weapons, but on the other hand, maintains a solid damage rate across range. One example here is the fast-firing DLT-19 heavy blaster that can sustain heavy fire for a longer time.

The wide array of blasters available at the player's fingertips will really help to build a custom play-style. While long range blasters might be good for sniper-centric players, those who love to run and gun might be more attune to the CA-87 with a more heavy, scattered, shotgun like blast. The options to play the game your way are really opened up with the Star Card system, which allows you to customize your load out with weapons and abilities. When asked what weapons they like to pack onto the battlefield, the designers replied:

One of my favorites is the SE-14C. This is a semi-automatic blaster pistol that fires a 5-bolt burst. You can land some really quick bursts on an enemy with this weapon, but if you miss you need to wait for the burst to be able to fire again. So when I’m feeling darish, it’s a great choice.

I would go for the DL-44, perhaps best known as Han Solo’s blaster. This one gives a lot of damage per bolt, but overheats really fast. That’s a huge tradeoff: if you don’t hit with every bolt you’re going to overheat and be vulnerable. This risk versus reward setup is fun, and really fits the daring, gun-slinging style of Han Solo.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available November 17th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: EA Star Wars Blog

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