Capcom Adds 5 New Games To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility!


5 new Capcom games have joined the Xbox One backwards compatibility list! First up we have Resident Evil Code Veronica X HD. Code Veronica took the series signature gameplay and placed it into fully 3D environments for the first time ever. With its inclusion into the Backwards compatibility program players can now experience all of the Resident Evil saga on Xbox One. Well minus 3 but hopefully we will see a remaster of that sooner than later!

The next addition to the backwards compatibility program is the entirety of the Lost Planet franchise. AS a new IP during the 360 days Lost Planet was met with fairly positive reception in its first installment. the second game in the series saw more negativity before ending on a somewhat higher note in the third installment. The reworked version of Lost planet dubbed Colonies, which featured more on multiplayer is also available.

As always if you own the games physically or digitally they are ready to be played on Xbox One at no additional costs!

What do you think of today’s additions? let us know belkow!