Update: Xbox App, Project X-Cloud, Game Pass and Ori Coming to the Nintendo Switch?!


Update 02/22: Another rumor today has suggested that Cuphead could also be among the game line-up coming to Switch! Original story below.

We have been hearing rumors over the last few weeks about more Xbox presence on the Nintendo Switch. These rumors have mostly referred to the Xbox App up till this point but today, Direct-Feed Games has added more to the rumor mill! Direct-Feed claims to have talked to reliable sources that have confirmed the previous rumors as being true and also lists Game Pass, Project X-Cloud and Ori and the Blind Forest will all be coming to Switch sometime this year.

As with all rumors take this with the biggest grain of salt until an official confirmation can be given. I for one wouldn’t mind being able to do some off TV play of Xbox games using Project X-Cloud on the Switch. As well as potentially seeing the Switch get some form of native party system added to future games.

What do you all think about this rumor? Let us know below!