Classic MS-DOS STAR WARS: X-WING Mod Updates Game To Current Graphics


The classic MS-DOS era Star Wars: X-Wing space flight simulator is making a comeback thanks to a new mod! "XWVM" is a mod that takes the original game and modernizes its graphics and offers more gameplay mechanics for a new audience. If you played the original game you're going to be impressed by this footage! 

If you've never played the game, players could control an X-Wing, Y-Wing, or A-Wing as they completed missions for the Rebel Alliance. Here's what the game looked like back in 1993...

Quite an amazing face lift right? The mod is free to anybody who wants it, but you must own an original copy of the game to get ahold of it. The good news is you can also purchase the re-release of the game on Steam (currently $3.99) and then attach this mod for a brand new experience! For that price who can say no? 

To learn more about the mod or download it, click here