Cops Mistook A CRT For An Explosive At A SUPER SMASH BROS Tourney And Blew It Up


A bit of chaos and confusion at this weekend's big Super Smash Bros tourney The Big House 7 resulted in a CRT getting blown to smithereens after fears it was actually an explosive device. Check out a picture of the event going down below, and feel the same sadness that old man feels by continuing to read on below:


As for what happened, no one seems too sure of how things escalated to this point. While not positive, the Redditor who posted about the event seems to have a guess as to why this went down:

So the venue is basically on the border to Canada. I don't know if that's why security is extra but someone left this CRT right outside the venue unattended and I guess someone thought that odd so they called the bomb squad and they blew it up with a controlled explosion and some cool looking gear.

Let this be a lesson to all players, don't leave your CRT's unattended, or at least throw them in a dumpster if you're going to abandon them!