This Live-Action PUBG Short Will Blow Your Mind

PUBG image.jpg

One of the quickest games to grow into the largest fanbase is continuing to come out with new updates, like the new vehicles they showed off, and now even the fans are starting to bring some awesome content for viewers and gamers alike to enjoy!

Youtuber Nukazooka has created a short film titled The Zone and it really shows off some serious intense action, as if the event of every game were to take place in real life! Check it out:

Whether you like to play this game in first person or third person, this video is crazy and comical at the same time! Showing off the mix of players and play styles through the chaotic face offs between randoms and our main character, it really seems like he was able to capture the game perfectly.

It's no surprise to see a great quality film being made on this game since it has already sold over five million copies since it launched back in March. I could really feel the intensity of each time moment as there was no break for him, as there is none for players within each round!

What did you think of The Zone? Could you imagine the game being played out like this in real life or did you picture something a little different?