DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Hosts Free Weekend And Huge Sale!


It seems that the Behaviour Digital is having a huge celebration over the release of Stranger Things on to Dead by Daylight and they are celebrating with all of you! Regardless of which platform you play on, you can get Dead by Daylight and majority of their DLC options right now for at least 40% off the usual price. That means if you are on Steam, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 and were considering getting Dead by Daylight, you can get the game right now for only $15 and bring in a killer/survivor pack of your choice for as low as $3. One of the few packs not on sale is Stranger Things, but pretty much everything else is super cheap.

On top of this sale, which will continue until September 24th, they are also letting players play for free this weekend. Unfortunately, this is only for Steam and PlayStation 4 players, but if that is your platform then this is your chance to try out the most popular 4v1 killer vs survivor game to date at no cost. Then if you enjoyed it yourself, you can get it for the cheapest price it has been in a long time! There really isn’t anything more that you could ask for.

The free weekend officially ends on September 22nd, but that will still leave you a couple more days to decide if you want to get the game during this sale or not. There really isn’t anything like a free experience of a game to find out if you want to invest in it or not, but keep in mind that this is a skill-based game where your perk choices, strategies, and execution will affect how well the games go. That goes for whether you play as a survivor or a killer, so don’t expect to be good right off the bat.

Good luck to all the new players and may the sunrise for you once more!