D.Va OVERWATCH Skin Released as Reward for Week 2 of Nexus Challenge

Officer D.Va Overwatch Skin

Officer D.Va Overwatch Skin

Heroes of the Storm’s Nexus 2.0 challenge is entering its second week, offering players the new Officer D.Va legendary Overwatch skin and a new Busan Police Hovercycle Mount for Heroes of the Storm.

These rewards follow the Oni Genji Overwatch skin released for last year's Nexus challenge and re-released as a reward for playing the challenge again last week.

The Nexus Challenge runs until May 22. Each week new rewards are unlockable by playing five games with a friend in Heroes of the Storm Quickplay, Unranked, or Ranked matches. You can receive the rewards in order at any time during the event, meaning you can play the five matches required each week or play all 20 the last week and still get all the goodies.

Week Three starts on May 8 with unlockable sprays and portraits, and Week Four drops on the 15th giving players the chance to earn 10 loot boxes for both Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

Source: Blizzard