E3 2017 First Impression: SPRINT VECTOR

Trying to fight the motion sickness caused by VR with another style of gameplay so that players can try out something different, genre-wise, in the Virtual Reality games is the company Survios. While continuing to improve the popular, early access VR game Raw Data, they are working on a new title called Sprint Vector!

The game itself is a multi-dimensional, futuristic game show with an announcer that has a TV for a head. They pull two people from the other dimensions and pin them together in a race where the winner gets to live! Rough break for our fictional protagonists, but this is a game show that I found interesting the moment I saw people playing it on the E3 show floor!

This high speed foot race is controlled with pure arm movements. Wider swings bring you the most speed, you can jump (including a double jump), you superman your arms out when you are in the air to gain distance and can control your direction by tilting, environment will slow you down so staying on the track is a must, and wall climbing is much like rock climbing with super strength since you can grab a "rock" and literally throw yourself upwards!

It was incredibly fun and I experienced no dizziness or lightheadedness while playing the game and enjoyed racing head to head against Ross, a fellow GameTyrant writer! I look forward to playing this game again and getting the hang of it better. No complaints so far, besides my lack of muscle memory to playing a game with these kind of mechanics.

Check out the Trailer: