E3 2017: NI NO KUNI II Announces A Few New Aspects Including Launch Date

At the Bandai Namco event section of E3 they released some awesome information regarding Ni No Kuni II, including a few characters and the release date, which it is expected to launch for PS4 and PC on November 10, 2017!

The team behind the game, including Yoshiyuki Momose who worked on Spirited Away, is hoping to use story, art, and music to blur the line between Anime and Games as you fight your way to claim your rightful place as King of Ding Dong Dell!

The list of characters included:

  • Evan - The True King
  • Otto - The Current, and False, King
  • Aranella - Who Helped Raise Evan and Sacrificed Herself to Help Evan Escape
  • Tani & Roland - Evan's Comrades
  • Batu - Leader of the Sky Pirates
  • Lofty - Evan's "Mighty" Kingmaker, Who Claims To Be Powerful
  • Higgledy Heroes - Very Special Sprites, Which Grant Special Powers to Evan, Based on the Higgledy's Origin (Healing, Attacking, Charge Attacks, Special Commands)

So now you may be wondering, "What's a Kingmaker?" Well, a Kingmaker is the creature that can forge a Kingsbond, which he does with Evan, in order to pump up the power and abilities so that the rightful King can take his place!

On top of all the news, there is a brand new mode being introduced to the series. Kingdom Mode will be where you can build, grow, expand, and control the Ding Dong Dell Kingdom! You will want to do this because the stronger the Kingdom is, the easier the game will be to play.

Here's the latest trailer featuring the Kingsbond: