First-Person Catholic Horror Game GRAY DAWN Launches this June

Developer Interactive Stone just released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming first-person Catholic horror game, Gray Dawn, which is set to release in June. The game revolves around Father Abraham, a Swedish-born Catholic priest who is now the suspect of murdering one of the altar boys. 

The game takes place in 1910 where Father Abraham attempted to exorcise a demon from an altar boy. However, the exorcism did not go well as the possessed child escaped by jumping through the window. As the last person with the kid, you are now the prime suspect in the boy's disappearance and it is the player’s mission to prove their innocence, or death will be imminent. 

Gray Dawn allows players to interact with objects in the environment and solve puzzles to progress in the story. The player must prove his innocence and stop the demon that is set loose and is now tormenting you. Lastly, the game will let players explore a real and unreal universe, which will be vital in shedding light to the truth. Gray Dawn will release on June 2018 for the PC via Steam. You can check out the latest gameplay trailer below. 

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