After a long time in development, Digimon Masters Online is finally live on PC. The "Free To Play" MMO is now available for fans far and wide to download! For those that have been out of the loop, here's some of the features the game has to offer...

  • MMO-based real-time combat with enemies
  • 100+ Mercenary Digimons
  • Digimon Riding Modes
  • Raid bosses, dungeons (Party Mode available)
  • Digimon/accessories reinforcement system
  • Up to 50 Maps and worlds (much more to come!)
  • Guild system along with ranks and titles
  • Friend system
  • Trading system
  • Achievement & titles
  • Quests
  • Party system
  • Costumes & avatar

Pretty standard MMO stuff, but with Digimon basically. I know there's going to be a crowd already swarming saying "FREE TO PLAY BUT MICROTRANSACTIONS ARE EXPENSIVE" well yeah how are they going to make money? No team is going to spend years tirelessly working on a game and give you the fruits of your labor to play for free and then probably still shit on it. Just be happy you get a taste before deciding to drop some hard earned cash!

So...who's gonna try it out?