Games To Get: DEAR ESTHER: LANDMARK EDITION Sets A Standard For "Anti-Games"

Fast Facts:

Game Title: Dear Esther: Landmark Edition

Genre: Experince/Anti-Game

Platform: PS4/Xbox One

Price: $9.99 

Why You Should Get It

Let me start out by saying this is NOT a game for everyone. I need to be extremely clear that this game is more or less a moving story than it is a game. You can't interact with anything, nor are there dialogue options. You just walk different path's as the story is narrated to you. 

So why the hell would I tell you to buy something like this? It's a question I was asking myself as I stood at the shore in the games beginning. It took a few minutes, but soon enough I understood the reason people play this game. It's about the most beautiful virtual world you can be a part of...

I don't want to show too many screenshots because that will ruin half the fun of this game, but man is it something to see. There were several times I had this longing feeling where I hoped one day I could be in a cave as cool as this one! The island has many paths and endings that give this game a unique experience every time you play it. 

You'll hear different parts of the story depending on the path's you choose to walk. Different events will happen depending on where you go and what you do. Personally, I kept waiting to be scared because there are some super eerie parts, but I'm glad to say that never happened. I did think I saw a ghost at one point and I'm thinking I'm going to have to jump back in for a second playthrough to see what that was all about.

For those that have played the game on PC and are wondering what the Landmark Edition is all about, there is an option where all the narration is replaced with commentary from the folks that made the game. 

You play this game for its great atmosphere, musical score, and the story it tells which changes with each play through. It's like a more serious version of The Stanley Parable. DON'T pick this game up if you're looking for loads of action and shocking twists and turns.


I believe Dear Esther is a game everyone should experience for its sheer beauty alone. If you believe video games are an art form this should be your exhibit A as evidence. Treat it as a $10 point and click without the click and you'll get a lot to love out of this simple game.