GoBe2 Smart-Life Band Review: Helping Pro Gamers Hone Their Skills

The GoBe is likely a product you have never heard mentioned before. Especially in the gaming industry. I met with them at CES 2018 and quickly realized this was not a Fitbit knock off. Lets take a closer look, so I can explain why this is so innovative.

Specs & Features

The GoBe2 is fitted with some serious tech. The sensors are so effective that you can monitor not only your steps, sleep, and heart rate, but you can also monitor your stress, hydration, and blood pressure. The stress levels are measured based on your current and daily heart rate number, as well as the other health and sleep quality data, including the time zone changes. The hydration is measured purely through the sensor, as is the blood pressure, since is measures it from the pressure around the vein.


It does take a full week of use for the band to provide reliable data. You can see it as you go, but over time, the data compiled will update and give you more precise information. The GoBe2 uses the Healbe GoBe app, which is on Android and iOS. This kind of data is crucial for many people. I found that I was quite often dehydrated. The band will vibrate and show "DRINK" on the display as a reminder. "EMOTION" is another vibration notification that will appear from time to time. This is one that I believe could help professional and aspiring professional gamers the ability to improve their play.

I found that several times, while I was playing Rainbow Six Siege, I would get the "EMOTION" notification. Some times you just don't realize how stressed or nervous you are until the enemy pops out and kills you. Anytime this would happen, I practiced some breathing techniques to slow my heart rate and focus. For professional gamers, this kind of third-party help could be the difference between victory and defeat. Granted, I would probably recommend using it for practicing, since no one wants to be distracted by something like that during the heat of a professional match.

Professional archers and other Olympians use similar methods to improve as well. Staying hydrated is equally as important. Its a fact that your thought process performs at a higher level if you are hydrated. I found that I was frequently dehydrated (I'm in Utah, so that was kind of expected). I would get notifications throughout the day about it. Another impressive feature it that the GoBe2 will also track your calorie intake and calorie burn, automatically. That's right! If you don't want to enter in what your eating all the time, its not required.


I found that the bands ability to track my intake of calories was within 10% of what the labels say. The company says the average user experiences a 15% differential. Granted, the product that you eat may not be exactly what the label says too. The GoBe2 is in a league of its own. Nowhere else will you find all these categories tracked in one band.

Throughout my review, I did enjoy the experience, but there were a could of draw backs. I use smart bands for more than just tracking my health. I like getting text and call notifications. Although the GoBe2 is Bluetooth, if does not support this feature. It is however something that could be done in future updates, provided the company finds this information to be valuable. The other issue I had was battery life. Its is understandable that the battery drains quickly with all the work the band is putting in. Every time you connect your band to your phone to look at your results, you lose a lot of power. I'd recommend syncing the app only 2x/day. Even if you do this, the battery will need to be charged everyday, because it will not last 48hrs.

Its saving grace on the battery life, is the ability to charge incredibly fast. I found that charging the band while getting ready in the morning, before breakfast, was the best time to recharge. 30min/1hr is all it takes to get you the power you'll need for the day and night. Its nice to have that recharge rate, but its still very tedious.

Build & Design


The GoBe2 is designed to be comfortable and hold a low profile. It is very flexible and should prove comfortable on any sized wrist. It could lose a bit of weight though. Its a bit too wide for my taste. Its not obvious that there is a screen on it. They use an LED dot display to show you everything on the band. There is also only 1 button on it, keeping it simple and easy.

The charging station is just a small piece that connected to the bottom of the device. It uses a micro-USB cable for charging, so it wont be hard to replace a damaged cord since those are pretty common still. Its still is very light and durable. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters, so you can swim and take showers with it.


Priced at $199, I can absolutely recommend this to anyone who is serious about their health. Whether you are trying to lose weight or improve your gaming experience, the GoBe2 can and will help. If there are any questions that I didn't answer, please feel free to post a comment below and I will get you the answer. Thanks for your continued support.

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