ICYMI: Halo Inspired Prosthetics Are In The Works For Charity!

Prosthetics company Limbitless Solutions is a non profit organization that has delivered 3D printed prosthetics at a fraction of the costs to those in need. Beginning back in 2014 by a group of students at the University of Central Florida to help a needy family, Limbitless Solutions has since grown into an extension of the University with full time operations. Today it has been announced that Limbitless Solutions has teamed up with Halo developers 343 Industries to begin providing prosthetics based on the series popular Mjolnir armor!

The 343 blog post mentions that two versions of the prosthetic will be available starting in 2019. The first will be a prosthetic based upon the Master Chiefs Mark VI Mjolnir armor. The second will be a “multiplayer” variant of Mjolnir that will allow the recipient to customize the features found on the prosthetic. This is the coolest charitable cross over I could ever imagine being a Halo fan. It is also great to see another example of the gaming industry further getting involved with helping those with physical disabilities! If this cross over proves to be a success I am kind of hoping they develop another prosthetic based on Kat’s prosthetic arm from Halo Reach.

What do you all think of this collaboration? leave your thoughts below!